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Mickie Krause hatte schon immer eine Mission. Warner Music gratuliert aus diesem Anlass mit einem ganz speziellen Produkt: Der Track wurde im Jovelstudio aufgenommen und von mir tonmeisterhaft endveredelt.

Selten gezeigte Bilder des Kult-Rockers, runden ein hochwertiges Produkt ab, das nicht nur bei Lindenberg-Fans keinesfalls in der Sammlung fehlen sollte.

Former lynch mob vocalist oni logan has finally released his long talked about solo album. Stranger in a foreign land is available now thanks to a special distribution deal with NL distrubuton in munich.

The deal sees the album available to online purchasers via Music Buy Mail. When Will You Hear Me. Bring Back The Days.

Stranger In A Foreign Land. The Monster In The Sea. Walking Through A Winterland. My Part Of Town. Album of the year 1.

Pyromania-biss 8 Thanx for all the fans out there www. These who hold an abo will receive 10 pictures of the story per day.

For this he has invited a couple of friends to perform on his album. It has been a tremendous trip leading to the cities of kiel, nuernberg, stuttgart, erfurt and mannheim.

We were able to reach about This second album found new drummer John Snels in the band. Back In The Ring Mind Over Matter Now And Then Rip It Off Line-up: Gonna be a rocky one It is a story about: Pirates, sharks and frienships Finally the new website in brand new design is launched.

Eines verbindet alle Lieder: It was the first concert michael ever attended. Now after 29 years of fandome it happened finally in siegen siegerlandhalle.

Rick on the main opening riff The Tracksthat made him the Musician that he is now. This Album is a pure labor of love and all Instruments been played by Voss.

This strictly limited Edition will contain hand signed Copies with a bonus Gift. The Output is dedicated to the loving Memory of his Dad who passed away in November All in All it is very personal and an intimite Collection of Songs.

Rock Me Baby-David Cassidy Days Gone Down-Gerry Rafferty Remember Yesterday-John Miles Wild Wild Angels-Smokie Strictly limited to copies only.

Shipping will be handled by DHL registered post. Once again the two experienced musicians have gathered a pack of "guest wolves" to refine the 11 new songs which will be featured on "Wolves Reign" release: Among the 26 guests are: Musically, the band moves in a melodic hard rock direction with solid, metallic edges thanks to the production of Michael Voss Phantom 5, Casanova, Michael Schenker , who also contributed to the songwriting.

In the studio, Parramore sang all vocals with Dag Heyne handling guitars, Jogi Spittka on bass, and Gereon Homann laying down the drum work with gusto!

Our goal was to write great melodic rock songs. Michael is a wonderfully professional person with endless talent and the musicians super cool guys and top players!

Radiation Romeos will take no prisoners with their exciting mixture of muscular rock anthems and killer melodic songs!

Bad Bad Company 4. Like An Arrow 6. Til The End Of Time On The Tight Rope Drummer Herman Rarebell describes his new bands material as "classic rock music, powerful but not too heavy".

Born as Supremacy, this new German Melodic Rock alliance, with five real aces on the pitch could not disappoint. So after the name change into Phantom 5 , the new album started to take shape.

According to Michael Voss: I am very proud of being part of a very fine piece of melodic rock and I hope that many people will like and love it the same way we do.

Everything came together very naturally and I had the feeling, that our flow of creativity never seemed to run dry, just like it should be.

After the more than painful situation with Bonfire, it was exactly the right thing, at the right time to do for me and it just felt and feels so damn right!

Get ready to push the play button very often. All info are available here: This summer keeps me going busy in my pool with the following items: Enjoy their brandnew video: You can listen to the snippet here: Sons Of Anarchy Rock All Your Life Five Minute Warning Bring On The Night Streets Of Tokyo Show No Mercy New dates will be released as soon as possible!

Scottish vocalist Doogie White, who co-wrote the album with Schenker, soars across every song, and stamps his enthusiastic personality with every note and phrase.

Wayne Findlay adds another dimension to the dynamic, classic Schenker sound with his Dean 7 string guitar and keyboard orchestrations. Bridge the Gap is a thunderous, explosive collection of brand new songs steeped in shades of dark and light.

Musically and lyrically, the new album shows a re-energised guitarist at the top of his game, surrounded by top drawer musicians. There was a lot of energy flying about during the recording process.

I had the same drive making this album as I had when I was I wanted it fast, heavy and melodic. It felt like bridging the gap from my teenage and Lovedrive years to what I am doing now.

Within two weeks we were in the studio laying down tracks. With Wayne playing 7-string guitar we created some low, heavy modern sounds.

Since I play and experiment on a regular basis, I always have some new, fresh sparks to share when I record a new album. I am inspired from within.

Getting together for the first time since the Lovedrive album is an incredible jump. He believes the name reflects what is going on in the fast-moving world around him.

We need to bridge the gap of poverty. There are too many innocent people getting killed in terrorist attacks.

We need to leave all of this chaos behind us. We have to be strong. We have to continue moving forward, working together in a balanced way.

When Doogie started writing the lyrics to the new songs he had something to go by. I love this song. He reminds me of a Neptune with his crazy hair and beard.

One day I had this vision of seeing him with the Trident coming out of the ocean. Wayne loves water and the undersea world. So, I suggested that we design a guitar that looks like a Trident.

The guitar is almost completed and will be called Trident and will be seen on our next tour. I love everything about it. I had a real blast playing the guitar solo.

In general, on the new album I have injected each song with a new wave of lead guitar playing. It had a lot of fun making the entire album.

Where The Wild Winds Blow 3. To Live For The King 7. Land Of Thunder 8. Temple Of The Holy 9. Bridges We Have Burned Because You Lied Black Moon Rising Dance For The Piper Don Dokken Bonus Track.

All songs produced by: Michael Schenker and Michael Voss; All songs are written by: Anstatt wie so manch andere Rockgruppe immer seichter und balladesker zu werden, haben wir den entgegengesetzten Weg eingeschlagen und liefern hier pure Energie.

Schenker sees his music as a building block in the construction of the Temple Of Rock. Into The Arena Armed And Ready Another Piece Of Meat Cry For The Nations Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Coast To Coast Zachary Woolfe, NY Times.

There are two sounds in this world that surpass all others in the feelings of exultation they can induce in the ear of a listener: What Kaufmann offers is a supremely burnished baritonal tenor with a ringing, heroic top but capable of extraordinary lyrical beauty in more intimate scenes.

Barry Millington, Evening Standard. Tim Ashley, The Guardian. His ringing top notes blast out heroically, his love duet with Desdemona is sublimely beautiful and caressing, and his acting is sensationally vivid.

The looks of shock and disbelief, the icy coolness, the tortured nobility… this is a gripping and heartbreaking portrayal of disintegration.

Die Premiere am Jonas Kaufmann und Antonio Pappano nach dem 1. Hier die ersten Pressestimmen:. Am Freitag, den Oktober , ab Deshalb musste ich jetzt auch schweren Herzens die "Hoffmann"-Serie in Paris absagen.

Juli ZDF und Am Pfingstmontag, den Bei einem Festakt, der am Sehen Sie dazu den Bericht des BR. Es war die Die zweite und vorerst letzte "Tosca" in dieser Konstellation gibt es am kommenden Samstag, den April; diese Vorstellung wird ab Jonas Kaufmann hat die 8.

Fassung der Oper angefertigt wurde. Nach seiner krankheitsbedingten Auszeit hat Jonas Kaufmann am Das Konzert in Mannheim wird am Er war so bekannt wie ein Filmstar, und seine Arien waren.

Zudem hat er die seltene Gabe, sich in jede einzelne Rolle, die er darstellt, ganz zu versenken. Oktober, am Abend vor dem Neben Jonas Kaufmann werden u.

August auf ORF 2 und am August auf 3sat gezeigt. Danach gab es kleine Weltpremiere: Die Aufzeichnung der "Goldenen Deutschland " ist am Samstag, den 1.

Premiere ist am 8. Jonas Kaufmann und Anna Netrebko bei der Pressekonferenz. Die Vorstellung am Januar wird ab Neil Fisher, The Times.

And so he does when he sings his dream of love, when he wrestles with his soul, and when he takes his leave of life: Michael Church, The Indipendent.

His voice, with its dark, liquid tone, soars through the music with refined ease and intensity: Richard Fairman, The Financial Times.

After this, his Otello here is even more eagerly anticipated. Jonas Kaufmann, with heroic stage presence and voice to match, is such a man. Barry Millington, London Evening Standard.

Edward Seckerson, The Spectator. Die Show findet am Christof Schuppler, bei dem Jonas Kaufmann seinen ersten Gesangsunterricht erhielt, ist am August im Alter von 75 gestorben.

Die Preisverleihung findet am For much of his Australian audience, who have never heard him live, the collective question hangs in the air: Jermaine Chau, The Guardian.

It is neither craggy nor over-light, neither overly dark nor meretricious, neither unduly pinched nor stentorian.

It sits in the ideal centre of these extremes with impeccable smoothness. Yet there is much more to his art than the superb sound. He moulds the lines into shapes that.

He rose to the final note in a mood of whispered defeat but before it concluded, the tone had swelled to a mood of fierce defiance — a whole world of emotion on a single A flat.

The most extended number on the program, it gave him the chance to show what a superb vocal storyteller he is. Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine.

Ben Neutze, Daily Review. Selten, wenn jemals, hat einen ein einzelnes Konzert derart mitgerissen. Am Dienstag den Die Vorstellung am 1.

Juli wird ab From the moment Kaufmann and Opolais embark — with infinite delicacy - on their emotional journey, it becomes clear that this is a vocal marriage made in heaven.

His warmly burnished sound is balanced by the exquisitely-nuanced purity of hers, and they are supported by a performance in the pit, under Antonio Pappano, of rare refinement.

Michael Church, The Independent. The great German tenor was in magnificent voice, somehow managing to sound heroic and vulnerable at the same time, and looked every inch the young blade whose impulsive fling turns into something deeper.

His Des Grieux broke the heart, a man so wretchedly beset by love and so desperate to rescue his beloved from her demons. Kaufmann has done nothing better than this charismatic Des Grieux at the Royal Opera and his dark, brooding tenor sings with unstinting passion and vocal freedom.

His singing, which seems to gain in weight and richness every time he appears here, is exceptional. Andrew Clements, The Guardian. Richard Morrison, The Times.

Die HD-Aufzeichnung, die letztes Jahr weltweit in den Kinos zu sehen war, wird ohne Werbeunterbrechungen ausgestrahlt.

To be a great Werther, a tenor must somehow be charismatic yet detached, vocally impassioned yet ethereal. Kaufmann is ideal in the role.

He sings with dark colorings, melting warmth, virile intensity and powerful top notes. There is a trademark dusky covering to his sound that lends a veiled quality to Mr.

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times. The Transport had a dark blue one and the Artillery had a white one, this symbolises cowardice in battle.

The Artillery retreated and left their Guns and Transport soldiers manned them and beat the enemy back. I am unsure which conflict this was in but Blue symbolised Bravery something the Transport regiments are fiercely proud of.

Nukes on exercise and on live outloads of the site were guarded by American troops; we just transported them to firing positions. Never to the wartime firing positions as we would only know of them in event of an alert state Red your Def Con 1, as I understand.

Hope this is of some help. At this time, I BE Corps consisted of two divisions: Thus, 3 Arty Bn was most likely assigned to the 1st Inf Div and supported it with its nuclear capability.

Each of these mixed artillery battalions appear to have consisted of a headquarters battery, a battery of Honest John rockets two launchers and a battery of M mm towed howitzers four howitzers [1].

The weapon used NATO-standard mm ammunition. In NATO service, its primary mission was to fire nuclear rounds. However, that information was correct for the early s.

Did it also pertain to the organization in the mids? History of the 1st Engineers, Belgium web page - http: Initial warhead custodial support nuclear warheads remain under US control was provided by the 33rd US Artillery Detachment at Spich, but in September that role was transferred to the newly arrived 4th Arty Det in Werl.

In , the Belgian Army underwent a restructuring of the ground forces which included the consolidation of all nuclear capable artillery battalions under Artillery Corps command.

The divisional 3rd Artillery and 20th Artillery battalions were placed under the Artillery Corps. This also led to a reorganization of the battalions.

The 20th now consisted of two M55 batteries. The 3rd Artillery Battalion was also located at the same barracks.

They were equipped with mm howitzers. This unit was also part of I Belgian Corps in Germany. His 1st Lt was Lt Rhobacker - I had a marvelous time with your compatriots.

The 75th Bn Aie was formed on April 20 The battalion was composed of a headquarters battery and a firing battery. THe equipment was officially handed over to the battalion on October 1, King Boudouin of Belgium presented Lt Col Gravy, the commanding officer of the 75th, with the unit colors organizational flag in a ceremony held on April 1 The colors were new and had no lineage.

The flag and crest of the battalion were designed by unit members. On August 20 , the battalion was assigned to the 1st Artillery Group.

The Group was composed of the following artillery battalions: All tests where passed succesfully by the battalion. In July 61 this bataillon received new equipment that would be used to create a second firing battery, the 3rd Battery.

The battalion was inactivated on March 3 In , the 73 Arty of the 1st BE Corps was reinstated, as a support unit for special weapons, mostly strategic nuclear weapons but also chemical and biological ammo that was to be fired with a modified MA2 howitzer mm.

After six weeks of boot camp in Belgium , we received march orders to Soest , Germany. There was no 73 Arty Co yet, and everything was very hush hush about it.

We had to train in parade marching every day sometimes even twice a day for the big event, the parade marching was not something I liked. I remember we all had sore feet from hacking with our combat boots on the concrete parade ground to get that chap-chap noise when marching.

After weeks of training, the ceremony and the parade finally came to pass and there was a reasonable good party, Belgian Army style with lots of good food and of course plenty of beer….

At first our barracks in the kasern in Soest were nearly empty with only our platoon present when we arrived, but every month more recruits came and slowly it filled up till we were discharged.

Those skills are appreciated in the Army and they gave me two stripes, a brigadier or corporal status. The training was extensive, there were maneuvers all the time, it seemed that the army was in a high state of readiness at all times.

There was a no-nonsense attitude about it. Our main duties were to guard several of the nuclear ammo depots. Training in the transportation of the nuclear ammunition to the forward howitzers.

Training in destroying the nuclear weapons with explosives to keep them out of enemy hands, most likely a suicide mission in real time we were told.

LAW disposable anti tank weapon and other anti tank weapons. The most heavy and hardest to haul around was the MAG, about 30 pounds by itself, that weapon had a gunner and a feeder.

The gunner carried the weapon and the feeder the ammo and a spare barrel. The barrel would heat up red hot during firing that after a while it needed to be replaced to cool off in the soil or snow, to use again for the next box of ammo.

I used it several times during training and it is a powerful weapon and kind of fun to shoot with, with the tracers bullets, rather than aiming, you guide the bullets to target.

They played the enemy Russians to steal the special weapons from us. For us it was more hide and sneak, digging fox holes, hiding the trucks mostly MAN 4x4 and other vehicles like the Mercedes Benz Unimog with camouflage nets and bushes.

Making dummy sites that would give away their position if they went for them. Americans would track us with all they had, helicopters, APC, infantry even tanks.

We would usually sneak away during the night. It seemed like they really enjoyed hunting us down. If it would become a real war, the nuclear weapons were American property, we the Belgian Army were only the delivery boys, so they expected the very best, and therefore our training was also very extensive.

We had to do it over and over again till even our Belgian superiors got frustrated that was a while after us.

Now I also realize that the Americans knew more about the reality of a nuclear war than we did. Recently it was revealed that if the Russians would have attact at the time the use of Nuclear Tactical Weapons NTW would have been a certainty and the only way to keep the Russians put, with their overwhelming amount of rolling equipment.

Neighboring trees lost all their leaves from the air expansion. First a shell is loaded in the barrel with a piston, then several bags of explosives, a fire cap is placed and then the gunner pulls the firing cord and kaboom.

The front of the thirty ton machine lifted like a rearin stallion. Reality is that to kill a bridge at km distance, it takes more than 10, pound shells in average, and that is one of the reasons they would have used NTW to take the bridges out with one shot.

The linear implosion plutonium weapon had a yield of less that 0. Detonation by mechanical time-delay or proximity airburst, or contact.

ABL gave us long underwear knickers. It was very cold, I remember once it was minus 15 Celsius about the same temperature as in a deep freezer, and we could not make fire to give away our position until the maneuvers were over.

We had to sleep with our MAG or FAL wrapped in a cloth against dampness, in our sleeping bag so our body temperature would prevent it from freezing solid and unable to fire.

On maneuvers we fired blanks. Ususally the Americans would attack at night, too. I told my platoon comrades to use newspapers in their clothing, a trick I also used when motorcycle riding in the winter, cheap but very effective paper is an excelent insulator.

Something that still hangs above all our heads like a sword. I BE Corps Arty. I was indeed a pleasure to find your website as it brought back many memories.

Do not know if you are interested in this sort of thing, but our family arrived in Greven, Germany in January The th had arrived in Handorf in November We made our way to Greven because housing being built in Handorf and not yet been completed, so temporary housing was found in Greven.

Sometime in early housing opened up in Handorf as well as a small PX and commissary. Our family then made the move to Handorf.

A three room school house for grades K-8 was also opened. Despite being the son of a Nike Officer for 18 years, the only time I ever saw a Nike Herc up close and personal was by accident.

One day in the summer of , while bored out of my mind and riding around on my bike I managed to find a small road which seemed to lead to nowhere, or so I thought.

I think I was close enough to the nearest Nike, I could have hit it with a rock. I was dumbstruck, impressed, and awed by the sight.

I also figured out I had better depart the area before they turned the dogs loose. We left Handorf in , and my dad headed for Vietnam. Personal recollections submitted by former members of British nuclear-capable outfits can be found in the corresponding unit sections on this page!

I served with 8 Regt from - , - and finally from - Which incidentally is an housing estate now, using the old barrack blocks as contained apartments and new apartments built.

In peacetime, all the weapons were held in a central area near to the town of Westbeven some 10 kms from Portsmouth Bks. Each Squadron had an Infantry Company to act as guard.

They provided the cooks, bottle washers, posties, QM staff etc. There were also 2 Companies of the Royal Pioneer Corps who provided the outer perimeter protection.

The silhouette of an Honest John rocket on its trailer rises out of the morning darkness as another day of "deterrence" begins in the I BE Corps sector.

Most of the logistical problems were handled by my services. I received support from 3rd FA Bn to enable a fast service to the 33rd Det.

I would like to contact him if possible. I also remember 2 Officers We had lots of technical problems -- mostly with the periscopes and azote pression The mm M44 was in used in the 20th FA Bn in year and a little later.

These were later replaced by the M and M respectively. In the beginning, everybody spoke about a 78th HJ Bn, speaking French. They were mostly Flemish speaking while at the 75th HJ we spoke French.

It now became the second Belgian HJ Bn. Incidently, we took over the facilities of the 20th FA Bn which had previously moved to Werl.

Acquisition was performed came using three methods: Radar and Sound Ranging were eventually abandoned. Only one Bty remained We used about 60 Men in two Topo platoons.

Later we used electronic calculators. The 2 Topo Platoons were responsible for controlling all the Topo activities of the tested unit at 2 Levels: Roland Van Holderbek, That came a short time later with a lot of fanfare.

The unit deployed to the Pacific Theater and participated in combat operations for which it earned the Asiatic-Pacific battle streamer.

In July , the battalion was redesignated the th Field Artillery Battalion and allotted to the Organized Reserves.

In February , the battalion headquarters was redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, th U. In July , the group arrived in Germany and the headquarters was established in Muenster-Handorf.

The th was inactivated on 15 June The company was activated in April , at Fort Lewis, Wash. In March, the 27th was activated at Sandia Base, N.

Army Artillery Group in Germany. The 27th Ordnance Company was inactivated in June The unit activated at Fort Sill, Okla. In October , the unit deactivated in Korea.

The detachment was redesignated the 26th U. Army Artillery Group, located in Germany, in November Army Missile Detachment inactivated in Germany, February , only to be activated again in Germany in November In March , the unit was reorganized and renamed the 26th U.

Army Field Artillery Detachment. The 26th inactivated in Sennelager in May Army Missile Detachment and assigned to the 5th U. In September , the 4th Missile Detachment was redesignated the 4th U.

The unit was inactivated in June It was activated in September in Menden, Germany. It was then reorganized and redesignated as the 69th U.

The unit was inactivated in May In January , the company was redesignated as the rd Ordnance Company and reorganized as an ammunition depot. The company was inactivated in December In January , the rd was activated in Dahn, Germany and assigned to the U.

The rd Ordnance Company was inactivated in May I was a draftee and made E5 in the summer of Email from Roger Allbee. I was doing some research and found this interesting site as well as the pictures of the Telgte Storage Site.

I came to the rd Ordnance Company in as a young 2nd Lt storage officer and left in as the Operations Officer Captain.

The experience, in looking back, was wonderful. I wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities while in Germany Email from John Hopkins.

Just by happenstance, I ran across your website. Someone at work asked me where I was stationed at. My first duty station was Handorf Kaserne, home of the Fighting rd.

I have so many wonderful memories, pictures and stories from Handorf, FRG. One unexpected thing I did learn was how to hitch hike. Most of us got around by a taxi, bus, train or the goodness of fellow soldier who had a car and drove.

I arrived in Germany about a week before Labor Day There was an extremely long train ride from Frankfurt to Muenster. Not being able to understand the conductor was a challenge for the 3 of us.

There was a big party at the International Club that weekend, when we arrived at the Kaserne. My best friend from AIT arrived a bit before me.

I met him while at Jackson for BCT. He was the best man at my wedding in Wow, thinking of that, I think back about all of the stuff that our crew did and some of the stuff we managed to get a way with.

Just some harmless fun, where nobody got hurt or killed. Most of our group did their share of touring the country.

I did a retreat with the catholic chaplain and me not being catholic. They still let me go along. Traveled a bit when we played softball or flag football.

It was mostly against the various Dets within the Group. I was a commo guy by trade but was CA Qualified, so I did a lot of standing in front of the open bunker doors at the site.

I originally went with the team because I was AR Qualified, to help with the physical security when transporting the rounds.

I saw so many concerts while there. The coolest was Chuck Berry in We saw him when we got back from a long weekend in Amsterdam. That little trip would be a chapter or 2 of stories.

I thought I had some pics saved on this PC, but they are on the old one. If interested, I can get them off of my portable hard drive. I stopped back in on the way to Mannheim back from picking up my car in Bremerhaven.

The gate guard say my ID card and said, "Sergeant Hopkins, I have your old room" I just laughed to myself and thought one again, how small of the world the Army is.

I BE Corps Artillery link. This unit could have been supported by the 4th Arty Det. Letter from Marc Fontaine, Belgium.

The histories are in French so I will try to summarize as best as possible. During this period, the detachment was responsible for warhead custodial support of several Belgian nuclear-capable artillery units: From this point on, the 4th supported four Belgian battalions: I guess we were a "missile" detachment because we had Honest John rockets, but they were just large, rocket propelled field artillery.

We also had 8" howitzer support, definitely field artillery. When I arrived my CO was Cpt. He was a shake-n-bake officer picked up as an E5 and run through a short course in the early days of the Viet Nam conflict.

His duffle bag still had his rank of SP5 stenciled on it. He was a bit stiff, but a straight shooter. He was the only commander I ever worked for who took the time to sincerely thank me for doing a good job.

When he left the unit was taken over by Lt. I may have misspelled Dellbruck. I always thought that the weapons depot was pretty lightly defended when I was there, considering what it held.

When I came back on a nostalgia visit in after the place had closed down, found that I must not have been alone in my thoughts.

They had considerably beefed up the defenses, an armored gun tower, concrete firing pits around the depot, armored HQ building at the depot with gun slots under all the windows, etc.

Typical of the Army, we had a hole in one of the fences around the depot, but it was OK and we never got dinged on an inspection because it was budgeted to be fixed in a future NATO budget slice.

The hole in the fence was OK because the paperwork was OK. For light trucks, for example, they had what appeared to be brand new Mercedes Unimogs.

If we needed a truck and driver from them to go somewhere and pick something up, we often got a brand new MAN Diesel 5-ton equivalent.

They had the standard Honest John 5-ton truck launcher and support trucks. The 8" howitzers were older SP units, the M The Honest Johns were eventually replaced with Lance systems.

We never trained with the Belgian weapons, which was first-class dumb. In case of war, all our supply and support was to be through them.

Of course, we spent precious little time with our own weapons - most of us were much more proficient with a mop.

We did not socialize much at all with the Belgians. Typically one was posted to our barracks with a Unimog or VW bus at all times as a driver, and one of them looked me up in Colorado a couple years after In got out of the army.

Belgium is also a beautiful country. There was a Canadian unit across town they left shortly after I did, and were replaced by a British unit. We socialized a lot more with them, used their Maple Leaf Store PX equivalent and their medical facilities.

We also spent exactly zero time learning even a few words of Flemish or French to communicate with them, which could have had really serious mission impact in a tough situation.

Some of the Waloons did too. No one seemed to mind. Like I said, nice people. Ordinary human courtesy was just fine. I guess their Colonel would have reamed a Belgian who just waved, though.

Curiously, the most frequent question I have been asked by the Belgians who have contacted me like you did, through their web site, was whether or not we actually had any weapons in the igloos.

For all the little custody units like the 4th that were scattered all over NATO, we were largely invisible. We would spend several days there while they verified our orders, checked to be sure we were who we said we were, arranged travel, etc.

Twice, maybe three times a day there would be a formation with hundreds of soldiers lined up and a guy at the front calling off names and destinations when our orders came in.

Same guy every formation, he must have known where every military post in Germany was by then. On my day, he called out, "One man to He then called my name and told me to report to a sergeant by the bahnhof.

I was sure I was headed for the end of the Earth. What did you do in the Army, and where? I assume you were a career soldier. Who else would put so much effort into a web site.

I was in and out, no desire to stay. Went on to graduate school, have been in the computer business for a long time. My team 5 worked with artillery elements of the 20th?

Beligian Artillery Regiment Flemish based in Soest using special weapon systems for the the mm howitzer. I would like to hear from anyone who served in the unit when I was there jhodgson students.

This was a former Luftwaffe Kaserne and one of the bases that German Paratroops used for the invasion of Holland in I think we were one of the only units who had to deal with multiple languages-Flemish Dutch speakers and French Wallone.

Some good stories there. Still a "Professional" John G. Email from John C. Email from Ruppert F. I was stationed there Nov.

If I can be any help to you in your efforts to enlighten the curious of the long gone elite then, please feel free to contact me.

I visited your webpage today and see where you wanted any info on 59th Ord Bde units. There were actually 3 American detachments in Paderborn.

The 22nd supported 39 Field Regiment. The 26th Det moved from Sennelager into our buildings on Barker Barracks when we vacated.

In retrospect, this assignment was a cherry.

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